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BUCSBIN: Concept Development for Impact

The event “ Concept Development for Impact” an initiative of project BUCSBIN (Building University Capacity to Support Business Incubation in Nepal) , where two very experienced lab Masters- Janne Karjalainen and Ulla‐Maija Seppänen from OAMK LABS, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland, and faculties from Kathmandu University School of Management and King’s College, organized a residential learning workshop from June 13-17, 2018 in Hotel View Bhrikuti, Godavari.

50 interdisciplinary students -- from King’s College , Kathmandu University School of Management and Engineering , Sagarmatha Engineering College, Gate College, HICAST, Orchid College and Oulu University of Applied Sciences -- practiced in user-centric design, lean startup model and developed prototype as a evidence based practice. The students were grouped into interdisciplinary teams where they also learned soft skills such as presentation and communication. While the students were having project based learning, during the workshop, KUSOM and King’s college facilitators were trained in ‘Lab Master’ skills under the guidance of Labmasters from Finland.

Through this video we aim to share the information on BUCSBIN initiative, event highlights and the  journey of students during the event BUCSBIN.