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Industry Lab: November Series

BUCSBIN (Building University Capacity to Support Business Incubation in Nepal) organised a series of Industry LAB events in Kathmandu, Nepal on 18-21 November 2019. The events were aimed for industry professionals, government representatives, teachers, academia, startup companies and students.

Industry LAB Pilots were ran in partner colleges Kathmandu University School of Management and King’s College as a 4 full-day training program for Government, Industry/Professionals, Teachers/Academicians, startups and students. It aimed for understanding the needs and problems from the society to create solutions, skills and competences and potential new business opportunities within the participants. The pilots were led by the LAB masters of Kathmandu University School of Management and King’s College.

There were also 3 hour interactive parallel sessions of Pedagogical Seminar and Leadership Seminar organized on the final day. The former was targeted for teachers, educators, professors and academia to share information about the Finnish pedagogy and LAB studio model used in BUCSBIN pilots in Nepal. It tried to transform participants from teacher centered learning to learner centered approach and creates new attitude, skills and competences for learning and teaching with the practical tools for educators for their work in different levels of education. The latter one with the objective to provide industry leaders, academic leaders and government representatives about human centered design approach to work and leadership. It gave a view for leaders for accomplishing their work in different organizational statuses and roles. The methodologies of the seminar included critical thinking, 21st century skills and design thinking. The session was conducted by professors / Lab Masters from OAMK labs, Finland in collaboration with king's college faculties.

To conclude the series of workshops, Concept Development for Impact Symposium was organized for all stakeholders interested in solving the learning crisis in Nepal. It gave examples of best practices and cooperation with development initiatives. Keynotes speakers included Mr. Madhab Prasad Dhungel, Executive Vice Chairperson of the National Youth Council, Ms. Kati Bhose, Head of Cooperation, Counsellor, Finnish Embassy, Dr. Bijay K.C, Dean, KU School of Management and Kimmo Paijanen, Project Manager of BUCSBIN. It also gave LAB master insights of current activities in Nepal, such as Do LAB through Mr Prateek Raj Neupane, Labmaster, King College. Also, the students showcased their experiences about the LAB studio model. The future steps of joint development programs were also discussed.