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Inspiration, Iteration, Innovation - workshop and seminar on introduction to learning in OAMK LABs

Inspiration, Iteration, Innovation -- a 4-day long workshop and seminar on introduction to learning in OAMK LABs completed successfully. The event was held from April 24, 2018 till April 27, 2018 at Hotel Summit. 28 representatives, mostly academicians and a few practitioners, from Kathmandu University School of Management, King's College, Idea Studio, YoungInnovations and other colleges took part in this event. The workshop and seminar was facilitated by Janne Karjalainen and Ulla Maija Seppänen -- lab masters from Oulu University of Applied Science. The closing and networking session followed the workshop and seminar in the evening of April 27, 2018 at Ageno Restaurant. During this particular session, entrepreneurs, academicians, representatives from private and government organizations attended.

The event was organized to train participants on learning/teaching methods used in Oamk Labs in Finland. These methods guide the students, in Oamk Labs, to identify the problems, ideate and validate the ideas and opportunities, develop user centric prototypes, validate those prototypes, iterate and refine the prototypes and finally develop product/service. These methods are the combination of funnel innovation, design thinking and lean startup. The workshop was focused on providing mini experience of project-based learning to the participants.

The closing session was a formal program to end the workshop and seminar. During the session, Janne highlighted the overall processes and objectives of the workshop. Ulla Maija facilitated a short panel discussion with selected participants of the workshop to share the experiences of the participants of the workshop. At last, Kimmo Paajanen, project manager for BUCSBIN, shared about BUCSBIN and it's objectives.

The workshop and seminar provided a base to the academicians and practitioners to be ready for similar workshops in future where they will be guiding students in developing products/services. The next workshop will commence on mid of June 2018.